There can be many causes of ingrown toenail, although shoes seem to be at the foundation of most of these painful experiences. Wearing shoes that are too tight, too shallow across the toe box, too short or have damage in the toe area can be the deed ending in pain and potential for infection.

Of course, if you have ever had a painful, ingrown toenail, you knew pretty fast what was the cause. What concerned you in the face of pain that hurt all over your body was “How am I going to get relief?

The video shows a painful, swollen toe being treated with a method that will keep the toenail from growing back at all. Total recovery time is a few weeks, but relief from the particular pain that can only be connected to an ingrown toenail is almost immediate.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an ingrown toenail, suffering doesn’t have to continue simply because there is a shoe choice to blame. Avoid expanding pain and the risk of infection by seeking treatment. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, I am prepared to help you get relief as is my professionally trained staff. You are welcome to call 1-317-660-2115 to request an appointment or use the online appointment request which is available 24/7 for your convenience.