I make videos of many of the surgery procedures that I perform for review or training purposes. The videos are simple in production using a small HD camera and are uploaded to our YouTube channel and in the Resources area of this website, making the high quality work at Hoosier Foot and Ankle very clear.

Because these videos are surgery, they are graphic, but also demonstrate patient care and compassion. I am pleased that so many people view them and make helpful comments or ask questions that invite intelligent response.

When you are choosing a podiatrist and surgeon, your research may be helped by observing my skills and team in real time action as we work to provide relief for our patients.

Sometimes the treatment required could have been less had the patient or caregivers taken care of the feet. Regardless of the cause, once you are in my care, all of my skill, caring and knowledge will be delivered to help you regain control of the future of your feet.

You can watch videos on Hoosier Foot and Ankle Resources or the YouTube channel.

When you are ready to make your consultation appointment, you can call 1-800-615-1363 for an appointment. Or you can request an appointment online 24/7 at the online appointment request area that we maintain for your convenience.