At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we have  five clinics  to give you a chance to choose the best location for your appointment. Multiple clinics can lead to multi-tasking staff and the potential for rushing and other issues when you call. That won’t do.

If we  mishandle your call, the possibilities for things to go wrong before you ever get into my exam room are not something we want to spend time worrying about. That is time we can spend with you, developing your treatment program.

After some analysis of calls at our office by Jay Geier’s The Scheduling Institute, I decided to make staff training a priority. You and your foot care are the primary focus at our clinics. Getting you through our treatment process smoothly is at the top of the list of goals. So, my staff goes through training through The Scheduling Institute and and we have mystery calls from time to time to make sure we’re keeping our game at the top. The certification process from The Scheduling Institute is so tough that no one on staff passed the first time; training was essential. I am so convinced of the value of this certification that I wrote a longer, more detailed post over at for colleagues.

We have a convenient 24/7 online appointment option at our website or patients can call 317-660-2115 and learn how my staff is ready to help you.