The little flat baby feet are so sweet. Sometimes their flat condition causes pain that is not necessary for children, sometimes it doesn’t seem to bother. But, flat feet for an adult can spell misery that is difficult to relieve.

Proper diagnosis and early correction brings a new outlook on life to the child whose feet are painful. That is one of the best things I can see; the happy face of a kid without painful feet.

That same proper diagnosis and early correction can give an adult a more pleasant foot life as the years go by without developing pain and discomfort from long term flat feet.

The video shows a corrective procedure that inserts a subtolar implant into the foot. The specific implant is an MBA implant and acts as an internal arch support. It is often used done with a Gastroc Recession. I have the skills to perform this or other corrective treatment for flat feet.

If flat feet are an issue for you or someone you care for, call 1-800-615-1363 today for a consultation appointment at one of our five clinics. Or you may use the convenient online appointment request which is available 24/7.

Let’s work together early for proper diagnosis and an action plan to keep the feet in your family happy feet.