I was happy to hear that some of you enjoyed the Meet the Masters interview last week with Bret Ribotsky at PodiatricSuccess.com.
I found the interview to be professionally handled which made it easy for me to share information about the podiatric services available through Hoosier Foot and Ankle, including surgery, shockwave treatment and laser treatments.
I was please to have a chance to share experiences and goals for sharing training and treatment with podiatrists serving patients in other countries including Haiti and Sierra Leone.

Additionally, we discussed the future of podiatry and some of the organizations and other options available to professional podiatric physicians.

One listener was enthusiastic about the input of our dog during the conversation. “That added reality and personality to excellent information.”

You can listen to the archived interview in the Resources section of the website. The interview is available as an MP3 or you will find a link to PodiatricSuccess.com and other interviews as well.