podiatry-succesI am extremely honored to have been selected as this week’s live interview at Listen to the Masters which is part of PodiatricSuccess.com.

Since 2009, the team at PodiatricSuccess.com has been offering Meet the Masters, an information forum that“features a bold mix of the latest news, opinions and innovative speakers.”

The intention is to feature successful members of today’s Podiatric Medical and Surgical community giving a view of their process for others to learn from and apply. To accomplish that in for podiatrists in the USA and worldwide, PodiatricSuccess.com offers over 50 interviews annually.

Please take a little time from your schedule on Tuesday, 2/8/2011 at 9PM and join us at Meet the Masters for my part of this collection of valuable information.

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others. As part of that commitment to the excellence of podiatry, I write frequently for PodiatryToday.com and serve on the Editorial Board there.

Hoosier Foot and Ankle
Columbus, Indiana