Diabetic health issues include poor circulation and at extremities — hands and feet. This condition can be joined by nerve damage which prevents prompt sense of hot or cold conditions. These issues combine to make foot ulcers difficult to overcome. Most foot ulcers for diabetic patients seem to begin with poor fitting shoes.  But the eventual control of damage is connected also to proper nutrition.

Diabetic patients heal slower, a small wound from a rubbing shoe can get out of control more rapidly than one would expect. Infection is a serious threat because not only does it put the surrounding tissue at risk, it can spread throughout the patient’s system, particularly to bone in the wound’s nearby area.

Care regarding diet, exercise and lifestyle can help diabetics control their illness and help prevent the possibly permanent damage to a foot. Amputation is avoidable with control and management of the diabetic life.

At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, I am dedicated to providing care that will help. That care is sometimes aimed at the heart and head of of the patient to encourage self-care for the patient’s feet.

The video below is part one of a series which show the treatment for an extreme heel ulcer. I made the video series and have them online because I want to impress diabetic patients with the risks of not taking care of themselves. The first line of action is the diet — proper diabetic nutrition.