There are a number of things that you can do to relieve common smelly feet. Being enclosed in shoes keeps some odor causing bacteria in the foot environment. The bacteria is the smell, not your feet.

First, if the smell continues when you try to get some relief with home remedies, there might be an infection or other condition that requires treatment and attention from a professional. Your first consulting appointment with Hoosier Foot and Ankle can determine a treatment protocol for your feet.

Simple perspiration in very closed boots or shoes can react with the shoe material and result in an odor that is not at all like our favorite rose. Wearing clean socks every day can help. Changing into an open shoe that lets air get to your feet and letting the shoes air out can result in pleasant odor changes. Some sources recommend soaking your feet in warm water with anti-bacterial soap. Be sure to get your feet dry when you are finished with a soaking session.

Again, if there are continued odor problems, please contact a physician. You can use the online appointment requestat our website at your convenience 24/7.