The recent blizzard and ongoing cold weather can contribute to foot discomfort and potential issues for diabetic patients. Despite the misery of the cold weather, as a diabetic, you can make the blizzard work for you as a reminder system for your foot care.

You know well the process for caring for your feet during cold weather — keeping your feet warm and dry is essential. Yet, during the winter, dry can be a problem more than a benefit. Dry feet can crack, leading to sores and potential infection.

Let the cold weather remind you to set an appointment with your podiatrist for a regular exam which can help you avoid problems. If dry feet and cracks are already an issue, you can get treatment before serious infection sets in.

Reinforce the tips and tricks you already know to protect your feet as you take care of your diabetic condition through nutrition and exercise with a consultation at Hoosier Foot and Ankle as part of a routine program for your health management.

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