Remember the good times before toenail fungus? When the toes were sweet?

Do you know someone with toenail fungus?

Well, do you? Will you be the best friend they ever had and give them information about laser treatment for toenail fungus that is in-office, quick, and painless? A treatment that is an alternative to prescription medication?

At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, we know that men often suffer from toenail fungus because of dampness inside tight and closed shoes. Or because they’ve been careless at the gym  or weight room, where the intent was to be fit and healthy. However these places can have more damp conditions which can be a home for fungus bacteria shed from one person to another.

No matter what the cause, we all know the problem. And the discomfort. Pain, itching and not very attractive toenails that don’t get better on their own.

Tell someone you care about today about this new CoolBreeze ™ laser treatment. Tell about the online option for an appointment or to ask questions at two websites: Hoosier Foot and Ankle and Toenail Fungus Treatment Provider. When the toes are being a pain in the middle of the night, a question can be left on the website waiting for response in the morning.  Or you can phone 1-800-615-1363 to make an appointment.