Hoosier Foot and Ankle is taking aim at toenail fungus for patients. Using a CoolBreeze CT3™ laser system, Dr. DeHeer shortened the potential for a fungus’ long life and future chances for causing pain, itching and disfigurement on his patients’ toes.

Fungus organisms that cause one can frequently be the cause of the other although toenail fungus concentrates on the toes and athletes foot affects the skin of the foot.

The toenail makes a fine fortification for the problem fungus to hide out, making it difficult to treat and kill. Keeping your feet as dry as possible helps prevent toenail fungus and athletes’ foot. Choose shoes and socks carefully and allow your feet some ‘air time’.

The CoolBreeze CT3™ uses powerful light to kill the fungus without damage to the nail bed or to the skin around the toe as explained more fully at this CoolBreeze CT3™ page on our website.

Don’t let toenail fungus create further misery for you. Contact us today at 1-800-615-1363 for an appointment or use the convenient Online Appointment Request form. Hoosier Foot and Ankle has the right tools to take care of toenail fungus or athletes’ foot.