Take overworked or compromised tendons and add the suffix, ‘itis” to talk about inflammation — you know right away you have pain at varying levels.

Tendonitis can be the result of overworking after lack of working (weekend warrior sports) or overworking and injury in professional activities, ailments including arthritis or diabetes or even some congenital issues. If you’ve ever experienced this inflammatory condition, you know there is no such thing as ‘a little tendonitis’. The condition hurts like ‘a lot of tendonitis’.

Some scenarios involving both or either acute tendonitis and chronic tendonitis can be at the base of the misery.

There are treatment options from conservative with therapy and anti-inflammatory pain relievers to some serious surgery. Because acute can escalate to chronic, the best thing to do when you are experiencing tendon inflammation is call your podiatrist. At Hoosier Foot and Ankle, I will give you a thorough examination and recommendation for treatment that will be best for you. With experience and training, I will be able to determine the causes of your inflammation and work to treat them while getting relief for you.

I wrote a blog post at PodiatryToday.com with Dr. Stephen M. Offutt, DPM, MS regarding Tendonitis entitledConquering Achilles Tendonitis in Athletes which discusses causes and treatment options.

It’s more than a “pain in the heel” or achilles tendon …it is a condition that deserves attention from a professional so you can get back to your active life. Call 1-800-615-1363 for an appointment or use our online appointment optiontoday to get consultation and treatment started.