Recently, received a facelift. The site is now on a platform that will make it easier for us to keep everyone updated as plans for clinics continue.

I , with colleagues, want to get clinics established for diabetic wound care in Haiti and make them available for emergencies such as the present Cholera epidemic.

The plan for the clinics includes extensive training both for staff and patients about sanitation and diet which will help the general health condition of the diabetic patients and their families.

The plans are outlined at the website and we have plans for ongoing information and contact. There is a place for those who wish to be benefactors of this mission to make a secure donation using PayPal.

We have a Facebook page and have Twitter posts ongoing to keep Haiti on our hearts and minds and those of other people who have a burden for the condition of the Haitian people.

Wound Care Haiti was established from observation of the need before the tragic earthquake which contributed to the sad conditions today. These days Haiti has great need at several levels. We’re not going to give up on these lovely people.