Everyone is busy with many demands on their time and energy. Reminding yourself to make an appointment at Hoosier Foot and Ankle often occurs while you are:

  • walking the dog,
  • driving home,
  • getting the family off to school,
  • or countless other tasks that occupy you.

So, you do remind yourself, “I’m going to call them next.” And then get busy at another task, forgetting till early morning or late at night or Saturday. Then, you think you can’t call because, probably, no one is there to answer.

That is just too much stress on top of the particular issues that are causing foot discomfort for you or someone in your family. To make getting an appointment easier, we have an Request An Appointment page at our website. If you are a patient already, you simply can go to the computer at your convenience and enter the information for your preferred date, time and clinic, plus a few other things and click SUBMIT. Just takes a few minutes at a time when you’re in ‘reminder mode’. Someone from our office will call you back to confirm your contact. There is additional information on that page if you need a same day appointment; a simple phone call to us at 800-615-1363 will get a real person who will make the best effort to get you worked in for care.

If you are a new patient, you can request the appointment, plus you can complete the New Patient Information at Hoosier Foot and Ankle in the comfort of your home. No more balancing a clipboard on your knee while in pain and trying to remember important information about your medical conditions or insurance numbers.

On the same webpage with the New Patient Information, you will find our privacy statement. Doing all we can to protect your privacy for medical information and personal information is important at Hoosier Foot and Ankle.

The Internet is a wonderful thing that we’re trying to use for your convenience as well as provide you with information about foot care and the podiatric services we have at Hoosier Foot and Ankle.