Arthropathy is a big word for a painful toe — deformed to have the shape of a hammer. Thus the name, Hammer Toe.

Hammer toe often goes together with bunions which have forced the toe into an unnatural position. Shoes that fit poorly, especially those that are too small or too tight around the toes can contribute to the issue. It is common for a callus to form on the bottom of the toe and a corn to occur on the top. Wearing some shoes can make this condition excruciatingly painful.

There are some conservative treatment methods that I would offer to a patient as well as surgery. Things like physical therapy and shoes with a larger, more roomy toe box. Your first appointment at Hoosier Foot and Ankle can give us a chance to discuss what treatment paths would work best for you.

When surgery is necessary, there are some very predictable implant options that will stabilize the toe and permit it to have a more normal appearance. Implanting a Smart Toe fixation is part of the treatment shown in this video.