Toes do not always line up in descending order the way we see illustrated for the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy.”

Sometimes a person will have one toe that is shorter than the others. More common is extra length on the first and second toe where the digit sticks out further than the big toe and can even hang over the fronts of open toed shoes.

Women often don’t perceive their feet as being attractive if there are non-conforming toes. But, these conditions can be issues beyond vanity, similar to many instances of bunions.

The foot pain may be showing up as back discomfort or hip discomfort. The differently sized toes are responsible for pressure and weight being transferred to other toes and parts of the foot. The toes many not be painful leading their owner to thinking the toes should be ignored or covered up because simple cosmetic surgery for feet seems kind of extravagant.

However, the feet are at the foundation of the body and general feeling of well-being. Neglected feet can be contributing to misery as mentioned earlier. Corrective surgery may produce both a more ascetically appealing look, but also relieve pressures on other weight bearing parts of your body.

Toes that are longer  than comfortable can have bone removed surgically. Extra short toes would have the phalanges lengthened in a procedure called Brachymetatarsia.

If you have toes that are making you glad it is close to winter and boot weather so they won’t be showing, consider a consultation about them at Hoosier Foot and Ankle. Dr. DeHeer will deliver honest, compassionate opinions about your options. If pain is involved, he can get you some relief. If you simply want feet that seem prettier to you, he can help you with that as well.

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