A couple weeks ago, I published a blog post at PodiatryToday entitled A Practical Approach to Morton’s Neuroma

I wrote because I like practical applications and treatments at my office and for my patients. It is my belief that the Morton’s Neuroma condition is under-diagnosed which leads to under-treatment. The symptoms are frequently treated as part of other conditions.

Morton’s Neuroma can hide behind heel pain and not show up until the heel pain is relieved. The patient complaint that starts me on the search for Morton’s Neuroma is ‘discomfort with orthotics’ or even intolerance of the orthotics being used to treat heel pain.

The article outlines my path of treatment when I am suspicious of Morton’s Neuroma which can include medication or surgery as indicated by close observation of the patient.

I hope you find the information in A Practical Approach to Morton’s Neuroma informative and helpful, whether you are a colleague looking for practical applications for your patients or you are a patient looking for answers to that mysterious pain and discomfort that isn’t responding to treatment,   Please feel free to contact me in either case.  As a patient, you can call 1-800-615-1363 or use the Online Appointment option.  If you are a new patient, you can find theNew Patient Intake Forms online which permits you to complete them at your convenience.