Earlier this summer, I wrote a post at Podiatrytoday.com regarding my views about the popular Rocker Sole shoes.Are the New Rocker Sole Shoes Worth the Hype

I had concerns about the shoes and their effect on equinus. I still have those concerns. Additionally, the weight of the shoes is something that some patients and reviewers had issues with — that they were really too heavy to be comfortable. Some of the research we’ve seen recommends a few things to consider if you are determined to try the Rocker Soles.

Breaking them in — something that we haven’t had to consider with shoes for quite awhile. But, if the shoes are going to be part of a pleasant experience, a period of getting used to them and getting them used to being your shoe is essential.

Other recommendations recommend quality construction. Some of us like to count pennies or demonstrate our sales resistance and avoid ‘falling for’ brand names. But, do consider the brand when looking into the quality of construction. Do a little research to build a list of things that you would look for in the shoes you are trying on. All About Rocker Sole Shoes is an informative video you may find helpful.  The recommendation on the video to get fitted at a professional store rather than just mail ordering something and taking off rings true.

Then, be prepared for a different walking experience and practice some safety attention to where you are walking, what is going on with your shoes and the surface you are walking on.

Do you have a history of ankle injury and weakness, for example. Some of these shoes offer more stability than others. Some researchers own more than one level of stability to use for different surfaces or different walking conditions.

If your history includes balance issues and foot injuries that are perpetually uncomfortable, take some time and talk with your podiatrist and your doctor about the wisdom of using the Rocker Sole shoes. Ask if there are other methods of obtaining fitness goals that would serve you better when considering your general health condition.

What are your motives? Do you feel these will be some magic sneakers you can put on and wear around the house and to the mail box, then lose weight or gain body tone? If the shoes are going to be tools in accomplishing any of your fitness goals, be prepared to give the activity the proper amount of time to be effective. Success won’t come in a day or a week.