Millie kindly wrote a book, Millie’s Story – The Feet, about her experience with Dr. DeHeer and Hoosier Foot and Ankle. She is definitely a good writer and illustrator.

Millie tells her story well — how her parents had taken her to more than one doctor about her painful flat feet.

A referral to us at Hoosier Foot and Ankle led to corrective surgery and a happy little girl who hopes your day is brightened by her story.

Millie is a trooper and we enjoyed working with her and are as happy as she is that her feet are no longer painful. She wrote and illustrated a book that we are pleased to share with you at the link on the home page. Read Millie’s Story today. If you have foot pain that doesn’t go away, check with us soon. We’d like to see you have the same happy future for your feet that Millie has.

You can begin the process by requesting an appointment online and downloading new patient forms to complete at your convenience.