A colleague shared an opinion about locking plates for orthopedic surgery, “the most significant advancement in 25 years.”. His comment coincided with my opinion about locking plates after 20 years of practice.

I wrote a blog post at Podiatry Today about the ways locking plates offer change for the outcome of any type of foot surgery, whether forefoot or other types of foot and ankle surgery.

A patient, going into the process of foot surgery, may not be professionally informed about the parts and pieces for adding plates or screws. In my opinion, using locking plates gives my patients at Hoosier Foot and Ankle a lead on a good result.

That is my responsibility to be as informed and skilled as I can possibly be for the successful experience of my patients. I am also interested in informing other practitioners so that they may provide the best for their patients. The blog post at Podiatry Today is straight forward, more interesting and informative to other podiatrists, to be sure. It is my intention that professional podiatry have information about processes that have been successful (or not successful) for me.

Additionally, I’m happy that I have learned the benefits of applying locking plates in the procedures that I perform for my patients.