Along with many other generous people, we had a heart for the folks in Haiti before the tragic earthquake that caused so much damage a few months ago.

For Haiti, it wasn’t some little thing that happened “a few months ago”, their need was great before and it remains great. The people meet each day with the brave dignity of survivors.

Haiti is still very much on my heart and mind every day along as I treat patients at the Indiana clinics of Hoosier Foot and Ankle. I stay in touch with colleagues who are onsite in Haiti working to deliver wound care and meet other needs. While they work, we know the rest of the world has not forgotten, but each and every caring person is performing tasks at their location, perhaps to earn so they can give. Or perhaps to produce something that benefits more people than our friends in Haiti.

We were with Haiti at before the earthquake and we will stay with Haiti. You can learn more at the link or ask me about the Haiti mission at your next appointment. Haiti is one of my favorite topics.