he nonprofit Wound Care Haiti I have started, received a pledge from Anodyne Therapy on proceeds from future sales on their new product line.  Wound Care Haiti is still waiting on 501 c(3) status.  I will be in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti for World’s Diabetes Day.  We will be lecturing to doctors, nurses and pedicurits for 18 hours of total lectures.  We will be doing diabetic foot screenings and surgeries at the University Hospital.  We are working in conjunction withFAHDIMAC on establishing a wound care center in Haiti.  A study done by FAHDIMAC shows the diabetes rate to be higher in Haiti than the US.  The need in Haiti is great, by saving a leg we can save a life.  I will post about the conference over the next week, please check back.

By Patrick A. DeHeer, DPM