Plantar Fascitis can come from a running, jogging or other sports injury. Could be something so small that you don’t even consider it at the time. Until the pain becomes a constant companion.

The pain might feel like a heel bruise that just won’t go away. A consultation with Dr. DeHeer can tell you what the issue is. He will be able to recommend a treatment course which could include the Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy process which is non-invasive, in-office and produces short recovery times. He will be able to advise you about a protocol if necessary. One treatment sometimes delivers the pain relief as the pressure of the waves stimulates the body to defeat the inflammation that is the pain cause. If further treatments are required, your progress will be monitored.

When other conservative treatments such as pain relievers or orthotics aren’t working and surgery seems the only choice, call for an appointment and let’s discuss your options. Call toll free 1-800-615-1363 or use our convenient online appointment request available 24/7.

As a licensed, experienced surgeon, Dr. DeHeer can perform that surgical treatment if needed. But, he looks at each patient’s needs and recommends the best plan of action for you. Pulse Activation/Shockwave Therapy may be just what the doctor orders so you can get back into your active routine with no down time and typically permanent relief. Learn more about EPAT® at Indiana Shockwave